2013 Goals in Review , 2014 Goals in Preview

I believe in setting goals. But what’s the point if you don’t evaluate what you actually accomplished? So here’s to a quick review of 2013 and preview of 2014.

Graduated from Michigan State. Moved to Southern California. Discovered internet marketing and online business. Lived on $3/hour for 3 months. Now happily employed in San Diego, CA.

It was a good year, definitely a lot of transitions. Looking forward to 2014.


What I did accomplish:

  • Graduated college (from Michigan State)
  • Lived on $3/hour in Los Angeles for 6 months
  • Got full-time content marketing job I love in San Diego, CA
  • Can now do a backside 360 on snowboard
  • Became decent at playing the bongos
  • Learned a little bit of funky piano
  • Bought a surf board and wet suit
  • Became much better at yoga/meditation
  • Camped in Joshua Tree National Park
  • Went full-time with RECESS after internship

What I didn’t accomplish (set goals to and failed)

  • Do a backflip
  • Get funking awesome at playing funky keyboard


Goals for this year

  • Learn effective content marketing techniques
  • Study different startups growth strategies
  • Camp and hike in Yosemite
  • Snowboard at Heavenly in Lake Tahoe
  • Go to Grand Canyon
  • Skydive
  • Bungee Jump
  • Go to Zion National Park in Utah
  • Go to Sequoia National Park
  • Go to Coachella
  • Buy a car
  • Go to Alaska
  • Go home for 4th of July
  • Get good at surfing
  • Do all forms of a 360 on snowboard (frontside/backside while riding regular/goofy)
  • Learn Spanish
  • Take martial arts classes
  • Get better at playing funky keyboard
  • Try rock climbing
  • Do non-profit stuff
  • Pay $10K off student loans
  • Get in awesome shape
  • Start a fitness app / website / online presence for Ben
  • Help grow Siege Media
  • Help grow RECESS
  • Do a backflip

Phew… I’ve got some work to do. Excited for the new year 🙂



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