Why I learned how to write HTML, CSS, and PHP (and built this website from scratch)

Until a few months ago, reading CSS felt like I was deciphering cryptic Egyptian hieroglyphics written 3,800 years ago.  The ironic part? I spend damn near 95% of my professional life on a computer. That’s something like 2080 hours a year. Yet I couldn’t write the most basic code (HTML and CSS) that makes up what […]

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Visiting San Diego? Here’s What You Can’t Miss …

If you’re reading this you probably have a question: I’m visiting San Diego soon … what should I do while I’m there?  Here’s a few tips: Best Neighborhoods in San Diego First off, here’s a map of San Diego neighborhoods for context: I think of San Diego in two regions: (1) beach towns and (2) not beach towns. Beach […]

The 9 Habits of Insanely Likable and Charismatic People

If a conversation ends after “So what do you do?” … things can get awkward. At this point, we don’t know what else to say. We stink at small talk. We are shy. We are insecure. We’re introverted. Whatever the reasoning or logic, awkward conversations are, well, awkward. It’s uncomfortable for everyone. But no one […]

Why This Millionaire CEO Quit His Job (And What He Taught Me About Priorities)

He was the CEO at PIMCO — a global investment firm worth $2 trillion — where he was known as a fearless leader making global impact in the financial sector. Then out of the blue … he shocked the financial world: he resigned. Everyone wanted to know, why? Why would he suddenly resign without warning? […]

Body Language Advice From An FBI Agent and Harvard Social Psychologist

I’m not gonna lie … The following advice has profoundly impacted on my life. Since learning these skills, I’ve learned how to: Understand what people are really thinking (not just what they’re saying) Spot nonverbal cues in others that indicate calm, nervousness, and/or confidence Use nonverbals cues myself to project 10x more confidence, strengthen relationships, […]