Why This Millionaire CEO Quit His Job (And What He Taught Me About Priorities)

He was the CEO at PIMCO — a global investment firm worth $2 trillion — where he was known as a fearless leader making global impact in the financial sector. Then out of the blue … he shocked the financial world: he resigned. Everyone wanted to know, why? Why would he suddenly resign without warning? […]

Body Language Advice From An FBI Agent and Harvard Social Psychologist

I’m not gonna lie … The following advice has profoundly impacted on my life. Since learning these skills, I’ve learned how to: Understand what people are really thinking (not just what they’re saying) Spot nonverbal cues in others that indicate calm, nervousness, and/or confidence Use nonverbals cues myself to project 10x more confidence, strengthen relationships, […]

The Unusual Concentration Technique That Transformed How I Work

We all want to manage our time. But when I learned how to manage my energy, in addition to my time, my productivity skyrocketed. I finally stopped forcing productivity (by chugging seven cups of coffee) and started using this natural technique developed by neuroscientists: I work in 90 minute intervals, then rest for 30 minutes […]

The Quickest Way to Increase Your Linkedin Endorsements

It only takes 15 minutes to triple (at least) your Linkedin Skills & Endorsements. Yet, most people have no idea how to do it. After sending my 100th copy-and-paste message on Linkedin, which took a total of 15 minutes, the next step was to wait. Two days later, my skills and endorsements increased by over 1000%. It […]